How to Block Spam Messages on Your Smartphone

There was a time when getting telemarketing calls on a cell phone felt foreign. Now that spam emails are accepted as a part of daily life, spam texts have taken the spot at the front of the new frontier of unwanted communication. Just like any other type of spam, there are steps you can take to avoid these pesky messages blowing up your smartphone. 

Slipping Through The Cracks

There are more spam messages than you probably realize being sent to your phone everyday, most of them are just filtered out automatically by your providers. Of these dozens of messages trying to make their way to you, a few are bound to slip through the defenses and arrive at your phone. 

You don’t have to simply accept this spam as a fact of life, though. You can take extra measures to block these messages from ever reaching your phone at all. 

Stopping The Spam for Good

The first thing to know about spam texts is that you should never respond. Even if the message offers to stop if you reply “stop,” the spammers aren’t a legitimate company who will abide by that promise. Without responding to the message, block the number. This won’t always work thanks to number spoofing, but it’s a start. 

If you have blocked the spam and reported it to the FTC, but you’re still receiving these messages, it’s probably time to invest in a spam blocking app. They are relatively inexpensive, and by far the most effective way to keep spam messages from reaching your smartphone. 

Don’t resign yourself to receiving spam messages everyday. Take action against the unwarranted texts, and block them from ever reaching you in the first place.