How to Put Pictures on A Flashdrive

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably outsourced a great deal of your digital life to your computer hard drive, or to some sort of cloud.

While these options are fine, they’re not necessarily certain or secure. Computers crash, clouds get hacked, and then where does that leave you? Why not keep your pictures safe on a more physical storage device?

Not Obsolete Yet

You may be thinking that flash drives are a thing of the past, but you’re wrong. The cloud is great for a shared platform, but it’s fallible just like any other site or piece of technology. Not to mention, it only allows you access to your photos if you have an Internet connection.

There are all sorts of scenarios in which having your pictures saved to a flash drive can come in handy, so if you prize security and accessibility, taking the few minutes to back up your favorite memories to a flash drive is worth it.  

Making The Transfer

Putting your pictures on a flash drive will work slightly differently depending on whether you’re using a Mac or a Windows computer, but the functionality is largely the same. You’ll first plug the flash drive into your USB port, then open the device in your Finder or “This PC” section. 

Next, you will simply drag the photos you want to add to the flash drive from another window to the one you already have open for the flash drive. Depending on how large it is, there may be a limit to how many photos you can add, but you’re unlikely to run out of space.

If you want to make the process even simpler, place all of the photos you want to add in a separate folder before you even plug in the flash drive, then you can simply drag and drop that single item and just wait while it copies. 

Once you’ve backed your photos up to a flash drive you can rest a little easier knowing that those digital copies of priceless moments aren’t going anywhere.