How to Plugin a Home Theater System to Your TV

If you’re serious about your movie viewing experience at home, you’ve probably looked into a home theater system, and maybe you’ve even purchased one. So now what? Hooking up your system to your TV doesn’t have to be a headache, if you do a little bit of research beforehand. 

Quality on A Budget

If the term “home theater system” inspires mental images of a projection screen, a dark room, and rows of couches, then think again. While those types of home theaters are within reach for some people, most opt for a more modest setup that still features superior quality. 

Often, home theater systems are simply elevated speaker systems plugged into a large, high quality television. If this is the sort of system you’re interested in, setting it up can be nice and simple. 

Know Where to Plug

Like any television component, there are a couple of different options for plugging in your home theater system. Which method you utilize will depend on both your type of home theater system and your type of TV. 

Generally speaking, you can either plug the system in with an HDMI cable, or with traditional red and white audio connectors. If your system connects automatically with the associated speakers, an HDMI cable is probably the easiest; if it doesn’t you’ll need to use the audio connectors. 

It’s worth nothing that your home theater system should come with detailed instructions for set up. If you compiled it yourself, though, it may take some experimenting to get right. 

Once the system is plugged in, just switch your audio settings to output through that system rather than the regular TV speakers and you’ll be able to enjoy a theater experience from the comfort of your own home.

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