How to Make A New Folder on A Computer

Think back to your school days: how did you stay organized? If you were like many students, you probably had an individual notebook and folder for every subject in order to keep your files from getting mixed up in your backpack.

Considering you were using that level of organization in childhood, shouldn’t you be at least that streamlined now? Creating folders on your computer can help with that. 

An Organizational Tool

All of the reasons you use folders in real life are the same ones you should use them on your computer. Organizing your digital files into distinct categories doesn’t just give your device a less cluttered appearance, it can also help your computer run faster since it’s not constantly having to load the desktop clutter you’ve allowed to accumulate. 

If you know that your computer could use a little bit of cleaning up and organizing but you’re not sure how to go about it, creating a new folder for certain files is only a few seconds out of reach. 

A Simple Function

Creating a folder will take slightly different processes depending on what operating system you’re using. On a Mac, start by simply clicking on your home screen. You should see the word “Finder” in the upper left hand corner, and just to the right, the word “File.” Click File, then select New Folder from the drop down menu. 

On Windows, the process is equally simple. Just click Start, followed by Documents, then select New Folder from the top middle of the menu screen. 

Create as many folders as you need to efficiently organize your digital documents, and you’ll find that your life becomes much easier when you need to locate a specific item.