How to Improve Sound on Your TV

There’s nothing worse than cranking your TV volume up to maximum level, and still not being able to make out the dialogue on your favorite show. There are all sorts of reasons that your TV sound could be subpar, but luckily there are an equal number of solutions. 

Tired of The Hush

TVs with speakers that are too quiet have long been a source of frustration, but in this digital age there’s really no excuse for a less than enjoyable television experience. Your TV sound could be configured improperly, it could be downmixing the audio incorrectly, or your speakers could simply not be powerful enough.

Whatever the case, there are plenty of cost effective ways to improve the sound your TV puts out. 

Bypassing Quiet Moments

There are a few methods for improving your TV’s sound. If you suspect that the poor sound is due to some off-balance audio settings in your TV itself, that’s a good place to start. Experiment with the levels and see if that makes a difference before you take any other steps. 

If changing the settings doesn’t help, you’ll have to purchase some level of additional equipment. There are curved pieces you can attach behind speakers to help push the sound forward, which wouldn’t require additional speaker systems. 

Should those prove ineffective, sound bars, extra speakers, and surround sound systems may all make a difference, depending on how much money you’re willing to spend. There are a number of thrifty options for adding extra speakers to your TV if you hunt around. 

With so many options for improving sound, don’t force yourself to live with a TV experience that’s less than stellar—take some time to explore your options.

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