How to Download App Store Apps for Free

Applications are the little packages of genius that make every smartphone user’s life easier, more fun, and more integrated with the rest of the world.

They can help you avoid traffic jams, let you find a date, and keep you up on the news—and best of all, the vast majority of them cost nothing to install. 

Limitless Options

There are around 2 million apps currently available on the App Store; most of these apps cost nothing to download. Even premium apps will generally release a free version that functions much in the same way as their premium counterparts, but simply features banner ads. 

So where do you look for these free apps, and how can you make sure you’re not agreeing to pay for one unknowingly? It’s simply if you know what to watch out for. 

Browsing The Apps

The first step in downloading apps from the App Store for free is to actually open the App Store, of course. From there you can search for an app based on its category, or you can seek out a specific app if you already have one in mind. 

Once you’ve found an app that appears to fit your needs, check the box to the right of the name. If it simply says “Get,” then the app is free. If there is a price, it isn’t a free app and you’ll be charged when you agree to download it. 

Sometimes, paid apps will be given away for free as a promotional measure, so keep an eye on the app store if you can’t justify paying for an app but would really like to have it. 

There are enough free apps available to keep you busy for an entire lifetime, so start browsing and find the ones most likely to enhance your life.