How to Connect PC to TV with HDMI

The lines between different devices have gotten blurrier and blurrier as the 21st century has marched on. Smartphones are practically computers, laptops are practically TVs, and TVs are practically browsing devices.

Limitless Options

If you don’t have a smart TV, you may not have the ability to easily integrate services to your device. You do, however, have this option with your PC. Whether you want to watch Netflix, play your favorite PC game on a massive monitor, or just browse YouTube with your friends, connecting your PC to your TV can make it happen. 

Because electronics are created to work together, there aren’t all that many different types of cables in existence, and one of the most universally handy is the HDMI.

As Simple as 1, 2, 3

The first step in connecting your PC to your TV via HDMI is, obviously, acquiring an HDMI cord. If you (like many digital natives) have a box of assorted cords in your closet, check there first, as you may well already have an HDMI.  

Next, connect both your PC and your TV to opposite ends of the HDMI with the appropriate port, and use your remote to navigate to the proper input. That may be all you have to do, but if the screen isn’t showing up, find your way to your display settings and click “detect.”

Once you’ve done this the first time, the connection will be established for all future uses and you’ll be able to enjoy the connectivity of your PC with the visibility of your TV.