How to Connect PC Internet to Mobile via WiFi

Everyone’s after WiFi all the time. So much so that it’s become standard for businesses to offer their WiFi passwords up to paying customers as a sort of perk for patronizing them, but you might not be so comfortable handing out your WiFi credentials.

Whatever the reason you have for exploring the option of using your PC to share Internet, you’ll be glad to learn it’s quite easy. 

Another Kind of Tethering

As unlimited data has become more common, and mobile networks have gotten stronger, the practice of tethering has become increasingly popular. This means using your smartphone’s mobile hotspot capabilities to service your laptop or tablet with an Internet connection. 

Offering Internet from your PC to a mobile phone works in much the same way, only in a sort of reverse function. It can protect your network from security concerns and allow you to see everyone who’s connected to your Internet, and it only takes a few moments to set up. 

Creating The Connection

Your PC already has all of the necessary capabilities for creating a mobile hotspot, so you won’t need to download any additional software or take on a technically involved process to provide a mobile connection. There are, of course, apps you can download if you’re using an older device that doesn’t have this option.

The easiest option is to just use your computer’s built in hotspot, which you can access by finding the Network & Internet section of your settings. There you’ll be able to set up your mobile hotspot and begin using it. 

Whether you’ve forgotten a network’s password or want to guard your own WiFi’s security, filtering the connection through your PC is a simple and quick solution for offering mobile Internet.