What is a Connected Home?

If you’ve ever seen those sci-fi films in which the protagonist walks into his home, claps his hands to turn on the lights, and starts issuing verbal commands to start dinner or turn on the TV, that might be starting to look familiar to you. With the invention of connected home technology, we’re not too far away from that kind of lifestyle.

Tech Specifications of a Connected Home

The phrase “connected home” essentially refers to technology designed to be networked together and controlled by one home interface. What this means is that a connected home is a house full of electronic, network-enabled devices.

Why Everybody Should Have a Connected Home

Connected home technology facilitates an improved standard of living by increasing the control a person has over the technology of their home.

Through one specific interface, often in the form of an app for your smartphone, you can control your home’s lights, TVs, air conditioning, door locks, security systems, and even your garage door without even having to be home.

Not only does this possibility drastically increase energy efficiency, but it also streamlines many of your home chores, meaning that you would be able to spend less time on work around the house and more time on your couch relaxing.


Unfortunately, there are a couple of disadvantages of connected homes, as well. Every smart device with internet connectivity poses an additional security risk by functioning as another chance for hackers to digitally break into your connected system.

There’s also the much more realistic concern of pricing. Obviously smart appliances are going to take your wallet on an unexpected journey, considering that they come with a litany of improved features.


When you decide to modernize your house with connected home technology, just be sure to remember the basics: connected home tech enables you to connect many of your appliances and devices to be controlled with one centralized interface, but this is not without risks. 

Always be sure to keep your data safe and secure behind firewall technology.