Top 10 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp entered the messaging scene in 2009 and quickly became the world’s leading messaging app because of it’s desirable features that are not matched by other messaging services. With features like free international calling through the internet, end-to-end encryption, and compatibility with several different devices and their operating systems, WhatsApp became the most wanted messaging platform in all locations of the world. WhatsApp, like many of the apps we use daily, has its own hidden features that many people do not know about. Worry not, though. You’re about to be introduced to 10 WhatsApp tips and tricks you never knew you needed to know.

Becoming a WhatsApp Master

While there is no doubt much more than 10 tips and tricks that make WhatsApp even more easy and convenient for its incredible number of users, you should make it a personal goal to discover and learn the ten you read here first – and have fun looking for others along the way.

  • ONE Make your messages interesting with customizable texts. Learn shortcuts for formatting texts, like using an asterisk on the front and end of a word to make it bold. There are shortcuts for bolding, italicizing, striking through, and monospacing your texts quickly for easy and fast customization.
  • TWO Monitor the data usage of WhatsApp. You can see how much data the app uses by finding the Network Usage sections in the Data and Storage User part of Settings within Whatsapp. This can help you know when you are close to going over your data plan. If you need to cut down on data usage with WhatsApp, you can change the setting of your calls within the app to Low Data Usage found in the same place as the Network Usage category.
  • THREE Put your favorite contacts on your home screen. Simply select the contact, tap More and then Add Shortcut and put the contact on your home screen for easy communication always.
  • FOUR Hide the fact that you’ve read messages. If you are someone who often “leaves people on read” and are tired of hearing people complain about it, slip into your privacy settings in WhatsApp and turn off “Read Receipts.” Be aware that this not only prevents your contact from seeing your read status, but you will also not be able to see if they’ve read your messages.
  • FIVE Periodically clear your storage space to maximize performance. If you find WhatsApp running sluggishly, you may need to free up space within the app. Follow Settings to Data and Storage Usage to Storage Usage to check what your storage availability is within the app to see if you need to clear it.
  • SIX Become a master of muting conversations. Sometimes, you have to work or sleep or do something else and you do not want to be disturbed. Instead of laboriously leaving all your conversations or turning off your entire phone, simply mute bothersome conversations temporarily. You can mute by selecting the chat you want to mute, selecting Mute, and then choosing the amount of time you want to mute for.
  • SEVEN Pin important conversations to get to them easily. You have the option to pin conversations if you swipe left while that conversation is open. Pinning will put it at the top of your conversations list.
  • EIGHT Save tons of space in the app and on your phone by not allowing auto-save features for shared media in WhatsApp. The default for the app is to save all media it receives, but you can tell it not to. This option is found in the settings of the app under Chats for IOS and Chat Settings for Android.
  • NINE Find all the media and links sent to your chat with a single tap of your finger. If you select the conversation that you want to search and then select Media, Links, and Docs, you will be sent directly to all the media, links, and docs that have ever been sent in that chat.
  • TEN Perhaps most importantly, learn how to unsend messages you regret. You have the option to delete the message only from your chat screen or for everyone within the chat it was sent in. The unsend message option works for attachments as well as texts. To erase that accidental (or maybe on purpose) message, just press and hold the message you are deleting, and select Delete – then choose your option. 

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WhatsApp Whiz

By now, it can be assumed that you are a master of the WhatsApp program. There is much more to find and learn, but, for now, just revel in the fact that you can actually delete messages that you’ve sent  – and they’ll never be seen. That feature by itself is enough reason to switch to WhatsApp!