Tips for Making Online Presentations

Online presentations are essential in today’s business world. Whether hosting a virtual meeting with an office’s growing number of remote workers or simply trying to convince a client to buy into your business, delivering amazing online presentations is the key to success.

Use Presentation Software

There are multiple great, free options available for you to choose from, so don’t let them go to waste. Software platforms like SharePoint function much the same as traditional PowerPoint but with better networking capabilities.

Other platforms also offer limited online presentation functionalities as well, but the most important ones will be sure to have password-protected rooms, one primary screen, and possibly even more functionalities than just these few.

Be Sure to Incorporate Science

No, I don’t mean to sprinkle in fun facts about molecules. I mean to make use of the wealth of public speaking research freely available online. 

Websites for organizations such as the Public Speaking Project exist in free-to-use formats in order to help everybody get a better grasp on giving powerful and effective presentations.

Not only do websites such as these provide useful tips and tricks, they sometimes even offer self-tests and evaluations to help ensure that you understand how well you’re digesting the information.

The Public Speaking Project webpage has a section entitled “Textbook.” This section gives you access to a textbook written by doctors in the field of public speaking, who frequently cite scientific research on the subject matter in order to help you become the best public speaker that science can make.

This video breaks down some of the ways to create and improve your online presentations.


These resources should help enable you to mold yourself into the presenter that you can be, as long as you make sure to use specialized software and familiarize yourself with the science behind the psychology and sociology of public speaking techniques.