Time Saving Tips for The Internet

If you, like most people, feel that you spend too much time with your eyes glued to your phone or computer screen, you’re probably searching for a way to accomplish more in less time. Not to worry—there are plenty of tricks out there that will save you precious moments so you can look up and enjoy the real world. 

One Day Per Week

You know that people spend way too much time online in the modern world—but do you know just how much? 24 hours every week, for the average person. Before you begin to excuse that number with “plenty of people spend their work day online,” consider this: more than 17.5 hours of that 24 is spent browsing at home. 

Obviously, society is dealing with a collective addiction to the Internet, but how can you cut back on your screen time without missing out? It’s easier than you think.

Start Small

In reality, few people want to spend as much time online as they do, they simply don’t realize that they’re surfing the web quite that much. Here are some handy tips for maximizing your efficiency and closing down your browser sooner.

Bookmark important sites. If you pay your bills online (a time saver in and of itself), have to check work emails over the weekend, or visit any other site often out of necessity, simply create a bookmark in your browser so you don’t waste time navigating there. 

Make Google work even harder for you. Google is an amazing search engine, and if you type a question just right, it will present you with an answer automatically so you don’t even need to click through to a different site. 

Cut back on social media. Sites like Facebook are the biggest time wasters on the Internet; they cut down on your productivity and beef up the time you spend online. Try being conscious of how much time you spend on social media, and limiting it to a reasonable amount. 

The Internet is an amazing resource, but too much of a good thing can be bad—make sure you’re using the web, and not the other way around.