How to Use Slack for Communication

There’s hardly a modern office in the world that hasn’t faced the impossible conundrum of either being bogged down by excessive emails or holding far too many meetings. What about a third option, though? Why not take the functionality of email, the immediacy of instant messaging, and the collaboration of a meeting, and roll them into one package? With Slack, you can. 

Cut The Noise

There was a time that email was the wave of the future in terms of communication, but now it often feels too stiff and formal for continued, collaborative communication, and tools like Slack have moved into a more appropriate position. 

Rather than cluttering your server with tons of emails, courtesy copying the entire time, and running the risk of team members begin to tune you out, utilize Slack for your communication to facilitate quick responses and easy collaboration. 

Get to Chatting

Using Slack is incredibly simple once you’ve set up your account. After your team is created, you will be able to use a dedicated link to invite members to join. From there, the functionality just gets more precise and useful. 

Within your team, you’ll be able to direct message specific users, create channels to discuss specific subjects or projects, or send messages that will appear to every team member. Slack makes it easy to share files, voice messages, and video as well. Team members can receive notifications for every message or only particular threads, depending on their settings.

More secure than regular messaging platforms and more convenient than email, Slack is a perfect happy medium.

You’re a modern business, so use modern tools—utilize Slack for your team’s communication.