How to Use Google to Help You Study

In days of old, students didn’t have the luxury of opening up their laptops and accessing information with a few clicks. Instead, they spent hours pouring over books and picking the brains of educators; technology has simplified studying, but are you getting everything you can out of the world’s most boundless resource? 

A Site With All The Answers

Google receives around 63,000 searches every single second of every single day. The enormity of that number is difficult to comprehend, even if you do your fair share of searching with this resource. 

Sure, Google is the place you go when you need answers, but are you getting them as easily as you could be? Are they of the right quality? Are you using the platform’s other tools fully? Here are some tips for maximizing Google’s use in your study habits. 

Study Smarter With Google

There are a number of different ways that Google can impact your study experience, but the largest of these is by supplying you with quality resources. Of course, in order to get the most out of your queries, you have to search properly. 

Including searching properly, here are some of the ways you can use Google to enhance your studying:

Providing quality sources. Take advantage of advanced search functions, or search exclusively within Google Scholar to make sure that you’re only getting information from reputable sites and resources. 

Utilize Google Drive. You’re likely in class with an entire group of people who have also been taking notes, and also need to study. Rather than doing it all on your own, create a shared study guide that everyone can contribute to. 

Make sure the information is current. Google is great about showing you when a page was last updated—make sure you’re not using information that’s outdated to study. 

Students today have it easier than ever to study—make technology work for you, and you’ll be amazed how much easier the process becomes.