How to Secure Your Mobile Apps

With the massive use of smartphones among today’s general public, mobile applications have evolved from calendars and games to programs that help employees stay connected and productive. But are all the mobile applications truly safe and protected? Can hackers enter applications and steal personal information? Both paid and free applications have been hacked at an astonishing rate. However, there are ways to ensure that mobile applications are protected.

Providing Proper Protection

When making a mobile application, you should follow certain steps to ensure that proper security measures have been taken to protect the information within the application.

  • Secure the application’s code from the very beginning. Make sure to test the code extensively, running scans to find vulnerabilities within the code. Protect your source code with encryption.
  • Secure all network connections. Make sure that proper security measures are in place with cloud servers that access their information. Make sure all network connections are verified.
  • Put identification, authentication, and authorization measures in place. These security measures make the user prove who they are to get into the application, making it harder for hackers to get in.
  • Know how customer data is secured and use a good mobile encryption policy. Use things like file-level encryption and mobile database encryption. Use a strong algorithm for key management.
  • Have a solid security strategy in place. APIs are what transfer data between applications, so they should be fully secured.
  • Test and retest your application software. Test your application multiples times. Try to hack into it yourself to test the security of the application.

These steps will ensure that you produce a secure application.

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Don’t Use Rooted Devices

As a mobile application user, you should be warned that using jailbroken and rooted devices invites hackers. The procedures used to root and jailbreak the devices remove built-in security measures.  If you own a device that has been rooted, make sure you only download completely secure and authorized applications.

Download Responsibly

The bottom line is that you should always make sure you are downloading trusted mobile applications from the store provided on your phone. Downloading untrusted applications only invite hackers into your device. So, make sure to download responsibly!