How to Play Mobile Games Without Ads

The reality of the modern world is that advertisements keep most of your favorite apps afloat, and also keep them free for you. Even sites like Facebook couldn’t exist without ad revenue, and games are no different, but there is a trick or two you can employ to cut down on the ads you encounter while playing mobile games. 

A Global Pastime 

In 2019, more than 2.4 billion people will spend some of their time playing mobile games—that’s a good chunk of the global population, which means advertising in mobile games is a lucrative market. 

Strategic as it may be for advertisers to target certain games, it can also prove annoying for you when you’re trying to enjoy a moment of recreation, so here are some simple tips to reduce the number of ads you see in your mobile games. 

Side Stepping The System

The easiest trick to cut down on ads is fairly obvious: switch your phone into airplane mode. Without a data connection, ads won’t be able to load, and therefore you won’t have to deal with them at all. 

Of course, this won’t work if the game you’re trying to play requires Internet connectivity. If you’re especially sick of ads, though, and want to conserve battery while you pass the time with a mobile game, this trick can assist on both accounts, so seek out simpler puzzle-like games to test it out. 

The other, less subversive option is to simply buy the ad free version of your favorite games. They generally only cost a few dollars, and if you play them often enough, it could be worth it. 

Almost everyone loves to partake in a mobile game from time to time; make the most of your gaming experience by cutting out as many ads as possible.