How to Hook Up a Blu-Ray Player

While the litany of tangled cables of the past might no longer be an issue, modern technology manages to somehow be both simpler and more complex than ever before, and blu-ray players are definitely no exception. But if you follow these quick tips, you’ll be well on your way!

Step 1: Internet Configuration

The majority of devices today come with some type of internet configuration possibilities to streamline set-up procedures. These typically take the form of WiFi or Bluetooth. Once you’ve ensured that your blu-ray player is connected to your wifi, move on to step two.

Step 2: Update the Firmware

Once the device is successfully connected to both the internet and your TV, it will most likely prompt you to update the firmware. Firmware is a type of software specifically designed to facilitate the use of a particular piece of hardware.

It might help to think of firmware as software that is firmly attached to the hardware.

Step 3: Adjust Features

There is one last step before you can begin enjoying films in high-quality blu-ray rendering. Your TV might ask you to adjust something called the “aspect ratio” or a similar feature. A TV’s aspect ratio is the relationship between its height and width, which is obviously important in determining how large of an image it will render.

If your aspect ratio is poorly adjusted, you might notice pieces of the image “falling off” the sides. If this happens, just go back into the settings and try again.


Every blu-ray player is different and will hopefully come with its own specialized instructions, but these three steps are common to almost every blu-ray player out there today. So whether you don’t have the instructions or can’t understand them, these three tips are sure to help you out!