How to Chromecast a Photo and Video

Chromecasting is a convenient way to stream online content and even photos and videos on a digital television by using a device that plugs into the television’s HDMI port. It is a great way to display photos and videos at family gatherings and weddings, among other things. 

Chromecasting from an iPhone

The app is free, but you can purchase additional features for it, like the ability to stream 1080p videos to your television.

To send your pictures to your television, you just go into the app, tap a picture, and press the Chromecast icon. The picture will show up on the television immediately. You can send videos to your television the same way, although they will sometimes take a moment to optimize before playing. You can even make slideshows of pictures to send to your television.

See how to install and use Chromecast here: 

Chromecasting from an Android

Android-based items can also utilize the Chromecast feature, but they do not have access to the Photo Cast app. However, you can download the Real Player Cloud from the Google Play Store and use it in almost the same way Photo Cast is used.

You can also simply cast your screen from an Android device with the following steps:

  • Connect your Android device to the Wi-Fi that the Chromecast is connected to.
  • Open the Google Home App and go to Account.
  • Scroll down and tap Mirror Device.
  • Tap on Cast Screen/Audio.
  • Select your Chromecast device.

The Future of Entertainment

Google Chromecast makes it incredibly easy to share your photos and videos with friends and family on a large display that everyone can fully enjoy.Starting with prices as low as $35, the Chromecast is an affordable investment that can allow you to share your life with loved ones easily.