Home Surveillance Cameras

“Safety first!” That’s what parents everywhere have said as long as anybody can remember. Naturally, in the adult world, this phrase easily captures the essence of home security.

Why You Need Home Surveillance Cameras

According to the FBI, property crimes such as home burglaries have resulted in a loss of more than $14 billion. Home security systems can help prevent such crimes from happening to you, because many burglars refuse to even try burglarizing a place with an easily visible security system.

How to Buy Home Surveillance Cameras

If these facts have you wondering how you can protect your families and your belongings with cameras, then here are a few things to look for when buying:

Smart Cameras or Closed Circuit Cameras

There are cameras out there that can be connected to the internet and viewed from your phone, a website, or other internet-enabled device. These are called smart cameras. While this presents a major benefit in the form of utility, WiFi-enabled cameras can potentially be hacked.

CCTV cameras, with a few exceptions, typically do not connect to the internet, thus providing hackers with no possible way to hack into or electronically disable them.

Auxiliary Controls or Fixed Positions

While most cameras either sit in a fixed position aimed at a target field of view or slowly move back and forth, there are options for cameras that automatically track motion or that actually allow owners to move them remotely via an app on another device.

Of course, however, the cameras with the special control features are likely to be more expensive than their traditional counterparts.


For whatever reason strikes you as the most important, home surveillance cameras are undoubtedly a great addition to the security system of any homeowner who prefers to live a safe and secure life.

For more information about home surveillance cameras, check out this helpful video.